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The Graduate Program in Educational Management is implemented using a semester credit unit system (SKS) through intensive and participatory learning methods and various active approaches through group discussions, analysis and discussion of problems in the field of educational management, group assignments, individual assignments, and best practices of case reflection in educational management.


The curriculum of the Graduate Program in Educational Management is made and relevant to the development of needs in the field with a concentration on improving the educational institutional support system and school management.

The number of credits for the Graduate Program in Educational Management is 46 credits, consisting of:

40 credits of compulsory courses and 6 credits of elective courses





  • School Management
  • Institutional Management
No Code Subjects Credit
Semester I
1 204610120 Islamic and Muhammadiyah Studies 2 compulsory courses
2 204610230 Philosophy and Management Education Theory 3 compulsory courses
3 204610330 Management Study Area of Education Management 3 compulsory courses
4 204610430 Education Management Research Methodology 3 compulsory courses
5 204610530 Organizational Behavior and Educational Leadership 3 compulsory courses
6 204610630 Integrated Education Quality Management System 3 compulsory courses
Semester II
1 204620131 Education Management Research and Data Analysis 3 compulsory courses
2 204620230 Curriculum and Learning Management 3 compulsory courses
3 204620330 School-Based Management and Education Networking 3 compulsory courses
4 204620420 Seminar on Thesis Proposal 2 compulsory courses
5 204620530 Education Management Information and Digital Transformation System 3 elective courses
Semester III
1 204630130 Policy Analysis and Education Planning 3 compulsory courses
2 204630231 Best Practices of School Leadership 3 elective courses
3 204630331 Best Practices Manajemen Kelembagaan 3 elective courses
4 204630430 Economic and Education Funding 3 elective courses
5 204630530 Educational Supervision and Evaluation Program 3 compulsory courses
Semester IV
6 204640160 Thesis 6 compulsory courses
Credit 52*



Assessment of the learning process and results can be in oral exams, written exams, papers, portfolios, presentations, seminars, comprehensive exams, proposal seminars, and theses.


The average length of study is 4 (four) semesters, with a load of 40 credits.

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